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Game Business Manager

Job description:

1. Responsible for set the strategy of the second party game portfolio;
2. Completing the game business development, maintaining the company's relationship with development partners;
3. Responsible for negotiation, access, operation etc;
4. Follow up cooperative game adaptation process, and timely report to the superior;
5. Responsible for research on the game industry, and coordinated with other departments in the company to carry out the related game project task;
6. Responsible for specific contract negotiations and follow-up after the signing of the contract matters.

Job Requirements:

1. Love games and familiar with the game industry, have strong game business background is preferred;
2. communication and interpersonal skills, good business negotiation skills and cooperative ability in developing, ability to collaborate and execute;
3. Sensitive to data, able to understand commonly used operating numerical theory, and have strong market insight;
4. Strong negotiation skills, able to handle stress, can adapt to frequent travel;
5. Familiar with the game industry cooperation rules, and have certain point of view for the operation mode;
6. Have strong market sensitivity, and ability to check the implementation of the game plan, see if plans and the actual is consistent, if inconsistent, is about to find out the reason, and take appropriated measures and the correct action;
7. Excellent verbal and written skills, study abroad is preferred.

Talented Graphical Developer

3D Engine Development Expert

Game Business Genius

The God of UX Designer


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  • HTML5 R&D Project Engineer
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