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Senior 3D Engine Development Engineer

Job description:

1. Responsible for 3D graphics-related technology research and development;
2. Develop and maintain 3D engine, as well as the surrounding tools;
3. Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the underlying engine module.

Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with 3D graphics and excellent mathematical skills;
2. Have 3D development experience, familiar various CULLING algorithm for 3D;
3. Familiar with D3D, and have more than 2 years experience in 3D project development;
4. Have solid mathematical foundation;
5. Good foundation of C/C++, familiar with software development process;
6. Excellent teamwork spirit;
7. Have related works or demo is prefered.

Talented Graphical Developer

3D Engine Development Expert

Game Business Genius

The God of UX Designer


  • Tourism Copywriter
  • HTML5 R&D Project Engineer
  • Video System Architect
  • Post production Engineer