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Computer Graphics Development Engineer

Job description:

1. Participate core software projects algorithm design and algorithm implementation;
2. Responsible for the image and video software algorithm development;
3. More than 2 years development experience, familiar with the key processes of the software development;
4. Be able to complete the design, coding, testing and other work in accordance with the development requirements;
5. Algorithm engineering implementation and optimization algorithms;
6. Algorithm transplantation and testing.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor/Master degree in image processing, pattern recognition and intelligent systems, computer application technology, computer software;
2. Familiar with common image processing algorithms;
3. Familiar with common pattern recognition algorithms;
4. Has a solid mathematical skills.
5. Proficient C/C++ design, familiar with parallel computing and algorithm optimization and acceleration data structure algorithms is preferred;
6. Strong knowledge and certain actual project experience in the field of image processing, pattern recognition or machine vision field;
7. Have good communication skills, ability to solve practical problems, and practical project experience is preferred;

Talented Graphical Developer

3D Engine Development Expert

Game Business Genius

The God of UX Designer


  • Tourism Copywriter
  • HTML5 R&D Project Engineer
  • Video System Architect
  • Post production Engineer