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We finally come to peace with the nerds inside us. Gadgets, precise, passionate, sometimes cheesy but always serious, we love working with partners who share these qualities and devotion to VR.


As one of the pioneer groups of VR, professional from different fields such as computer graphics, HCI, and internet development etc., mark up the structure of our team. After three years of technical research and experience accumulation, Shanghai Cloudwave Technology Co., Ltd is finally established in Shanghai China at 2014. Cloudwave has recently grown up to more than 200 family members, and we now focus on various of business modules, such as VR content production, build online VR platform, and developing VR tools etc.. We seek to be a leader in VR content development and wish to build a global and diversified business environment in the VR industry.


While the world is experiencing a craze for VR, it is evident that a breaking point is just over the horizon. Currently, many of the world's leading tech companies dedicate their attention to hardware construction, each hoping to stir up their own industrial evolution. However, we believe that only through quality creative contents, we will finally reach and define the climax of this evolution. Like a classic painting to brushes, a hit-song to voice recorders, or a vintage film to cameras, we firmly believe that VR content will become the new media. Realizing this, we dedicate our focus to VR content creation, with the ultimate goal to finally bridge the gap between reality and virtual reality, to mark our presence in human history evolution, and one day redefine human behavior!


We are very different individuals, joined together by our passion for technology, logic, and creation, striving for the best solution in this high speed and ever-changing web era, this is our motif.

The very source of our breakthrough and never before seen ideas come from our team of highly different international backgrounds and unlimited energy.

It is here, employees from various countries, each with independent points of view, come together in our never-ending quest to solve the unknown and seek unlimited possibilities for the future.

To the future, infinity and beyond.

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